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Advertising on our page should only be from Gospel view. We would like you to advertise Jesus Christ than our personality.

P R O G R A M F R O M 13-01-2019

From the 13 of Januari 2019 we are starting a new program named ” Ripoti leo” . This program will give our listerners the weakly news around the Global and most of the times the news will come from the continent of Africa to the world. We are ready to start this program with differents reporters who are ready to give us the weekly news from where there are situated. Secondly this program of news is going to touch the life of the less privileges. There you can think about the really life people are living in the place where they are and the future they are waiting for. We pray that the Lord will strenghten us on  this program so we may give the best. The Bible says we can do all within Him that give us power Philipians 4:13.

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24 hours you can enjoy our Gospel music radio. The songs are differents and from all the country around the world. We believe in Jesus the only one in the whole world. He save us and gave us life and we will continue thanking Him for the rest our life. We invite everyone to share the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. The Bible says if men will not worship Him, He can raise stones to praise Him. He is Who He says He is and can do all.


Christianity is not all about going to church on sunday but also the life you are living as a Christian after church. We are focussing alot on this that has no value while we leave the really gospel that people of God needs to hear from us. Most of the time is a Sunday and day where a-lot of us do not have other works to do while they think its the right time to go and worship God. What about those who are not coming in the Sunday to church because they have to work? 


Being a Christian is a thing of the heart. Whatever you are doing in this world for God, be it preaching, singing, giving, helping the needy, attending church, must come from your heart. Our Bible made us to understand that what is not coming from your heart is a sin. If you ask yourself how many sins have you ever committed. The question you need to ask yourself if you are a preacher, are you such in heart?, or if you are helping is it from your heart?